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November 1, 2015
December 1, 2015

Creating Davidoff Cigars: A Tradition of Fine Craftsmanship

Without a doubt, Davidoff is a cigar brand synonymous with luxury. By never settling for anything but the best, Davidoff creates cigar after cigar of the highest caliber and continues to make its mark in the cigar world. To understand why Davidoff cigars have a reputation of perfection and high quality, you must be aware of the time, steps, and craftsmanship that goes into each handcrafted cigar.

Davidoff Cigars-BLEND Bar and CigarThe ritual starts in a field.

Before a Davidoff is born, superlative tobacco plants must be grown. The process starts with the patient, reverent cultivation of tobacco seeds. Only seeds with characteristics of promise are kept and permitted to take the next step. This is a highly selective process. In fact, 9 out of 10 seeds do not make the grade and are not used.

Once seeds are chosen, they are hand-tended in nurseries before being transplanted into meticulously analyzed soil on fincas, Davidoff’s proprietary farms in the Dominican Republic.

Davidoff accepts nothing less than perfect growth. As a result, the climate, soil, and weather are carefully monitored and analyzed during this portion of the process.

The leaves are picked.

Color and shape convey when leaves are ready to be picked. Davidoff farmers gather leaves in pairs, paying close attention to leaves’ colors, shapes, and resistance to touch. As the leaves are harvested, they are sorted based upon their position on the stalk because the position in which they grew will eventually affect how a cigar tastes.

Leaves are sorted into four sections:

  • Corona – leaves grown at the very top that offer an intense flavor as a result of soaking up the most sun
  • Visus – leaves grown in the central portion of the stock that offer a bold flavor
  • Seco – leaves grown in the main part of the stock that offer a moderate flavor
  • Volado – leaves grown near the soil that tend to be smaller and lighter and offer a light flavor

Davidoff Cigars-BLEND Bar and CigarTobacconists dry and cure the leaves.

Once the leaves have been carefully transported, workers hang the leaves to dry in ranchos. There, the leaves cultivate their taste and aroma while workers conscientiously monitor temperature and humidity. Once dried to specification, which varies depending upon the intended kind of cigar, the leaves are stored for another 20 to 30 days, and a gentle fermentation takes place.

After this initial fermentation process, two cycles of aging and fermentation occur:

  • Cycle 1 – The first aging requires 18 to 24 months and 40 days of fermentation.
  • Cycle 2 – The second aging takes one to three years. That said, some of Davidoff’s rarest tobaccos may wait a decade.

Leaves are blended and tested.

Once deemed ready, the tobacco leaves are blended. With the goal of reaching luxurious refinement, emphasis is placed upon taste and aroma. Samples are then sent to Davidoff tasters at the company’s headquarters in Switzerland.

Davidoff Cigars-BLEND Bar and CigarPerfect, handcrafted cigars are rolled.

Davidoff cigars cannot be rolled until tasters approve the blends, but once approved, rolling in the Dominican Republic begins. Torcedores, cigar-rolling craftsman, work in pairs. By touch alone, one selects exactly the right amount of tobacco for a pleasurable draw and full effulgence of taste. The other rolls the bundle, placing the aromatic tips of the leaves at the foot for a serene balance of flavor. Before getting branded and distributed, Davidoff cigars are measured, weighed, and inspected to ensure the highest caliber of quality.

A Davidoff is enjoyed.

After five to ten years of careful, precise craftsmanship, a Davidoff cigar can be lit and enjoyed. Although the process is quite extensive, not a moment is without purpose. Time and attention to detail is what makes a Davidoff a Davidoff.

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