February 4, 2014
May 1, 2014


BLEND Bar & Cigar | Indianapolis, IN | Luxury Cigar Lounge

INDIANAPOLIS, April 7, 2014 – As seen on the Visit Indy Website blog:

For visitors looking for a new place to roll up their sleeves and relax after a day of productive meetings in Indy, a new upscale cocktail lounge has raced into Indy, appropriately named BLEND Bar Cigar.

Tucked away just 20 minutes north of downtown Indy in the upscale Keystone at the Crossing area, upon entering BLEND’s giant wooden doors, you immediately feel like you’ve stepped into a James Bond movie. Giant leather couches envelope guests with décor flown in from Turkey, giving the place some Middle Eastern flare. Quiet chatter among men and women lend itself to networking and entertaining VIP business customers to ensure your deal gets closed.

Pouring over the menu is like looking at a who’s who of bourbon winners—I went for the Jefferson’s Presidential 25 year, as smooth as the surroundings. Hand-crafted cocktails, vintage label wines, and premium spirits on the menu read as beautifully as a Hemingway novel.

My colleagues—two women who opted for a Louis Roederer Vintage 2005 glass of Champagne and a glass of Terrazas Reserva Malbec from Argentina—mentioned repeatedly how comfortably the setting felt, that it wasn’t a stuffy establishment or typical sports bar.

We ordered up an Italian platter to nibble on, a spread of smoked gouda, genoa salami, roasted artichoke hearts, stuffed peppers, and olives. Locally produced Hubbard & Cravens French press coffee is also poured.

Although I didn’t enjoy one, BLENDs 500 square-foot walk-in humidor touts more than 10,000 cigars, ranging from $8 to $80 per, an assortment spanning the globe. Indy has a no-smoking policy in hotels, restaurants, and bars, but because BLEND sells cigars, visitors can smoke inside (one of only a handful of places in Indy). A state-of-the-art ventilation system changes out 100 percent of the air in BLEND six times per hour (yep, every 10 minutes). This means you don’t need to make a trip to the dry cleaners to air out your suite jacket after visiting.

So, after a day of business in Indy, head over to BLEND with colleagues, perspective business customers, and friends to enjoy the sophisticated blend of offerings at BLEND.

Written by Chris Gahl

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