Ladies’ Night Out
December 14, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS, July 9, 2013 — CKM Entertainment LLC (“CKM”) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the Indy Cigar Bar, the premier cigar shop and cigar bar in Indianapolis.

Simultaneous to this acquisition, CKM also announced the opening of a new cigar lounge concept – BLEND Bar • Cigar. This new venture will utilize the expertise and management of the Indy Cigar Bar and will open in August 2013.

Social trends indicate that people are looking for a more unique, upscale lounge experience. BLEND Bar • Cigar, located at 3981 East 82nd Street in Indianapolis, will offer its customers both men and women, the most discriminating selections of cigars, wines and spirits in an exotic and refined environment. The BLEND concept is built around a complete sensory experience. It will provide its customers with eclectic surroundings featuring rich textures and ornate surfaces. In a unique combination, BLEND will also include a 500 square foot walk-in humidor as well as a custom designed wine cellar. Both will provide customers with unparalleled selections from around the world. Underscoring the evening, BLEND will deliver a dynamic audio/visual experience. And, housing one of Indiana’s most advanced, state-of-the-art ventilation systems, customers will enjoy the BLEND experience free from the typical smoke filled surroundings found in most lounges throughout the country.

Commenting on the announcement, Corey Johnston, former Indy Cigar Bar owner and current President – CKM Entertainment, stated, “BLEND will truly be unlike any lounge in the United States. A great deal of planning, research and design went into this concept to set it completely apart from smoky cigar bars catering primarily to men. BLEND will be the destination for those seeking a sophisticated and provocative experience. It will be exotic and worldly, yet very organic. We’ve spared no expense in striving to provide the most unique and upscale experience for customers with discriminating taste. Indianapolis represents our first location for the concept. Over the next few years, other openings are slated for select cities throughout the nation.”

About CKM Entertainment LLC (dba, BLEND Bar • Cigar)
Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, CKM Entertainment LLC is a leading developer and operator of cigar, spirit and social-friendly nightclubs throughout the United States.