BLEND Pittsburgh is located in the historic Koppers Building in Pittsburgh. Represented through its historical features and architectural symmetry, BLEND Pittsburgh pays tribute to the history and grandeur of both the Koppers Building and the City of Pittsburgh. Pay close attention to all details, particularly the RB Mellon Mansion Marble, Art Deco lighting, Moe Bridges wall sconces, a large steel fence panel, an extremely rare baseball scoreboard and a well preserved portion of a steel beam used to construct the building in 1929 with original markings “Carnegie Steel Company – Homestead Steel Works.”

During the day, BLEND is the perfect meeting place to close an important business deal or entertain a client. At night, BLEND is a trendy, sophisticated nightspot where you can enjoy old friends while making new ones. No expense was spared when designing BLEND’s casually elegant interior. All of our locations feature comfortable leather seating with a lit onyx bar, custom lighting, and elegant decor.

To ensure the best possible experience for customers, each BLEND location utilizes AAON (AAONAIRE®) Energy Recovery Systems to enhance indoor air quality by changing 100% of the air six times an hour. Our state-of-the-art ventilation system provides precise humidity control and quality by allowing larger amounts of fresh outside air into the space in an environmentally responsible controlled manner.

First Floor of the Koppers Building
436 Seventh Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Mon – Sun: Open Noon

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