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Five Fabulous Fall Wines to Try

Wine Pairing | BLEND

The crisp, cool fall season is finally upon us, and that means football games, cozy sweaters, and wine with friends. Fall helps us naturally transition from summer to winter; a good fall wine should do the same. Full-bodied white wines and light- to medium-bodied red wines are best for enjoying the good times and delicious, hearty foods that accompany fall. In this blog, we’ll share five fall wines that you won’t want to miss this season.

Wine Pairing | BLEND


Syrah (Shiraz)

This dark red wine is from the Rhône Valley, France; it’s actually called shiraz in Australia and America, although the two are exactly the same. The syrah grapes in syrah wine produce a very full-bodied, mouth drying wine that even smells like fall, with aromas of falling leaves. You’ll taste hints of berries, pepper, vanilla, tobacco, and even smoked meat, and the finish will be rich and sweet.

Pairings: Syrah pairs well with meats like barbecue pork and pepper steak, giving you an excuse to fire up the grill before winter. Because of the syrah grape’s high tannin level, this wine also has a lot of antioxidants to keep you healthy this fall.


Cariñena (Carignan)

Originally from Aragon, Spain, this red wine often goes by its French name, carignan. Cariñena grapes have lighter tannins, resulting in a medium-bodied wine that’s not too light or too heavy: perfect for fall. If you like savory wines, you’ll love this earthy, fruity cariñena and its various flavors. You’ll find hints of dried cranberries, cinnamon spice, raspberry, licorice, and even Kielbasa sausage.

Pairings: Cariñena is flexible enough to pair well with bold and light dishes alike, from beef brisket to gouda cheese. It can even star as a Thanksgiving wine to accompany your turkey, cranberries, and yams.

Wine Pairing | BLEND



This bold white wine hails from the famous Rhone Valley in France. Best when it’s relatively young, viognier is full-bodied, yet has a soft character and low acidity. If you love the smell of flowers in the fall, this is the perfect wine for you. Viogniers are well-known for their unique floral and fruity aromas, including peach, pearls, violets, and roses. Tasting this dry yet sweet wine is just as rewarding.

Pairings: Because of its natural sweetness, viognier pairs well with spicy foods like Asian and Thai cuisine; it also complements hearty fall vegetables such as squash and pumpkin.



This red wine was born on the southeastern coast of Sicily. Frappato is usually blended with Nero d’Avola grapes, but it has high quality and complex flavor on its own. The light-bodied wine ages well and is thirst quenching with a low alcohol content. Frappato has a distinct aroma of grapes, and you’ll taste sweet fruits like cranberry, strawberry, and raspberry. But it doesn’t stop there; you’ll also catch earthier hints like smoke, leather, bacon, and dried fall flowers.

Pairings: Frappato pairs well with simple Italian cuisine such as pasta or pizza, making it an excellent wine for a fall luncheon. You can also enjoy it with steaks or even burgers for a heartier dinner.


Wine Pairing | BLENDPinot Noir

Hailing from Burgundy, France, this pale red wine is made from black grapes with low tannins. Pinot Noir ages beautifully; depending on the style, you could have an 18-year-old bottle that is good as (or better than) new. With a light to medium body, this wine is both light and complex, allowing you to enjoy it with pretty much any of your favorite fall foods. Pinot noir produces earthy fall aromas such as mushrooms, leaves, and flowers. When you taste this wine, you’ll discover hints of cherry, chocolate, and various spices.

Pairings: Pinot noir pairs well with anything from salmon to duck to cheese. You can also enjoy it with mushrooms, squash, roasted chicken, and pork: foods that are fit for a chilly fall evening.


Fall is a great opportunity to enjoy wines from all over the world, and their versatility means you can enjoy them anywhere with any food–or simply on their own. Try one (or all five) of these fall wines, and you’re sure to find your new favorite. BLEND has a wide selection of wines that will please your palate all year long, as well as a menu that will complement these fall wines nicely. We hope to see you soon.

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